Jon Tunnicliffe is Lecturer in River Science, at The University of Auckland’s School of Environment.

This site provides an overview of my work, past and present, with students and other collaborators.

Our work employs a range of innovative techniques to understand the nature of landscape change through the action of rivers. These pages provide an overview of these projects, ranging from assessment of river change at the annual scale, to understanding controls on river behaviour over the course of 10,000 years and beyond.

River behaviour is strongly conditioned by it’s local environment and sedimentary conditions: catchment physiography, prevailing climate, grain size, and the legacy of past disturbances. Working in environments such as New Zealand’s East Cape or Canada’s Peel Plateau has provided some exceptional insights into river forms and feedbacks: by documenting some of the exceptional disturbances upon the river system in these places, we have learned much about the nature of river sediment regimes, and the rates and mechanisms of recovery. There is also much to learn about managing river systems and their catchments.

Some of the key works in progress are presented in the links below.

If you are interested in taking up a graduate project with our group at the School of Environment, please have a look at my Students Page, as well as our postgraduate web resources.


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