The sky’s the limit – take off with a new project in river geomorphology!

Below are a list of prospective projects, as well as a sampling of prior projects.

MSc Projects:

  • Waning sediment supply in East Cape Gully Mass-Wasting Complexes: modelling the process of sedimentary system ‘relaxation’ across catchment scales.
  • Developing a river sediment budgeting tool for reach-scale gravel extraction in NZ rivers.
  • Using structure-from-motion techniques to reconstruct historic landscapes: new quantitative insights from highly-overlapped historical airphotos.
  • A historical review of cross-section data from the East Coast of NZ’s North Island.
  • Topographic differencing of retrogressive thaw slumps in Canada’s Northwest Territories.
  • Patch-scale grain-size variation in rapidly aggrading river systems.

PhD Projects:

  • See new opportunity here: PhD Opportunity
  • Coarse-grained fan-delta modelling in a shallow coastal embayment: recontructing the Holocene evolution of Te Puru Fan-Delta, Coromandel Peninsula, NZ.
  • Characterising network form across geologic settings and tectonic terranes in NZ.
  • Control system for an autonomous bathymetric survey vessel in the shallow surf zone.
  • Large-scale controls on grain-size variation on Quaternary terraces, Waiapu Catchment, NZ.

Past Projects: