Geomorphic Principles and Applied Techniques in River Management

An IPENZ Rivers Group Workshop

Nov 16 and 17, at The University of Auckland

Owen G. Glenn Building (OGGB), Case Room 3 (260-055).

9 am – 5 pm each day, with breaks for tea and lunch

Cost: $350


We are pleased to offer a 2-day workshop to introduce essential concepts in fluvial geomorphology to inform river management, as well as some practical perspective on usage and application of emerging technologies. The first day will provide an essential background in geomorphic principles, as well as new frontiers in river research and the implications for river management. The second day will provide an overview of state-of-the-art techniques in river surveying, for the purposes of assessing inundation extents, and monitoring river change. A series of talks will review the capabilities and limitations of LiDAR, Structure-from-Motion, and other point-cloud survey data, as well as the workflow from field to desktop. The workshop format will encourage discussion, Q & A, and sharing of practical river management experience.








Day 1: Introduction to Fluvial Geomorphology

Gary Brierley (The University of Auckland)

Kirstie Fryirs (Macquarie University)

8.30 8.45  Registration
8.45 9.00  Introductions and welcome
9.00 9.30   Presentation 1: Underlying principles and applications of the River Styles Framework
9.30 10.30  Presentation 2: Stage One of the River Styles Framework: River character,
behaviour, pattern and controls.

10.30 11.00 MORNING TEA

11.00 11.15   Exercise 1: River Styles Quiz
11.15 12.30   Exercise 2: Mapping geomorphic units and interpreting river behaviour, and determining boundaries between river reaches (50 mins for exercises, 25 mins for
discussion of answers).

12.30 13.30 LUNCH

13.30 13.50  Presentation 3: Stage Two of the River Styles Framework: Catchment framed
assessment of geomorphic river condition
13.50 14.15  Exercise 3: Selecting appropriate geoindicators of condition for different River
14.15 14.35  Presentation 4: Stage Three of the River Styles Framework: Assessing the
evolutionary trajectory and geomorphic recovery potential of rivers
14.35 15.00  Exercise 4: Scenario building and assessing river recovery potential

15.00 15.30 AFTERNOON TEA

15.30 16.15  Presentation 5: Stage Four of the River Styles Framework: Implications for river management (setting geomorphic visions, identifying target conditions for river management, prioritisation based on geomorphic river condition and recovery potential, monitoring and auditing improvement in condition) and uses of information bases derived from using the River Styles Framework.
16.15 17.00  Discussion session: Prioritisation, identifying target conditions for river
rehabilitation, levels of intervention required, river management practice.
17.00 Closing remarks

For those interested in meeting up for an informal dinner, we will have a booking for our group at Monsoon Poon, Corner of Customs Street West & Lower Hobson Street (6:30 PM)



Day 2: The New Geomorphology Toolbox

Ian Fuller (Massey University)

Jon Tunnicliffe (The University of Auckland)

9.00 10.00   Presentation 1: The New Toolbox – LiDAR, GPS, Structure from Motion, techniques for capturing river morphology; data manipulation and analyses.
10.00 10.30  Virtual Reality presentation (UA Center for eResearch)

10.30 11.00 MORNING TEA

11.00 11.40   Exercise 1: Practical Applications for Monitoring River Change: Gravel Extraction
11.40 12.30   Presentation 2: Change Detection

12.30 13.30 LUNCH

13.30 14.15  Case Study 1: Morphodynamics
14.15 15.00  Exercise 2: Training the Waiapu River

15.00 15.30 AFTERNOON TEA

15.30 16.15  Case Study 2: Flood extents
16.15 17.00  Discussion session and closing thoughts


Other notes:

University exams are in progress, so we will repair to the Excel Café on the first floor (or elsewhere on campus) for tea time discussions. On the plus side, this is a fairly quiet on time campus, so crowds and lineups are few. There are a number of campus venues for lunch, which can be found on this map.

City Campus map (black and white)
Full directory of all city campus faculty buildings (148.3 kB, PDF)

City Campus map (colour)
Close up view of the Owen G Glenn Building and surrounding landmarks (562.5 kB, PDF)

OGG Floor Plan, Level 1 (Street Level)

OGG Floor Plan, Level 0 (Lower Level)

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